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 fake uk driving licence Requirements


Requirements you need to send to us for your Uk driver licence  Processing is as Follows;

  • Surname:
  • Given names:…
  • Sex:…
  • Height:…
  • Address:…
  • Eye Color:…
  • Hair Color:…
  • Nationality:…
  • ID card Scan Copy:…
  • Finger Scan (Place your finger upon a blue ink pad, then place same finger on a white sheet of paper, then scan and send):…
  • Date of birth (As on your birth Certificate):…
  • For Driver License ,Your signature is needed (Signature must be on white paper):…
  •  Driver License ,Your Picture (One Photo and must be on a white background):

Please get back to us with your order number after submitting your order  for the simplest methods of payment

How to get a counterfeit uk driving permit


To any vehicle on a public street in the UK, you need to have a driving permit. Here we will clarify the way toward applying for a driving permit in the UK.

Applying for a temporary driving permit

​In the event that you are turning seventeen in the following three months, you are qualified to apply for a DVLA temporary driving permit. As per the law, you should be seventeen years old to drive a vehicle, however assuming you need to ride a bike or sulked you just should be sixteen. You can apply for your temporary permit gave you are something like 15 years and 9 months old.

To get your first temporary driving permit you should be an inhabitant of Great Britain, meet the base age necessity and meet the base visual perception prerequisite. In the event that you need glasses or contact focal points to fulfill the vision guideline, they should be worn each time you drive, or you will submit an offense.

It costs £43 to apply for a temporary driving permit (or £34 in the event that you apply on the web). To finish your application you will require a legitimate UK identification or other type of character, your National Insurance number and the addresses you inhabited over the most recent three years. It as a rule takes somewhere in the range of one and three weeks for temporary licenses to show up yet will normally show up sooner on the off chance that you apply for it on the web.

Methods of applying

​You can apply for a temporary permit online by visiting the site. Then again you can apply by finishing the D1 application structure which can be gotten up nearby Post Office. In case you are sending your application by means of the post, you should ensure you incorporate unique documentation that affirms your personality, a shading visa photo, a check or postal request for £43 and the finished application. The location is DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD.

The two section driving permit UK

​In the event that your temporary driving permit application is acknowledged you will be sent a green photograph card. This photograph card is significant and will be required later on, so keep it in a protected spot. You should take photograph card of your driving permit to both your driving hypothesis test and your useful test. Whenever you have finished your functional driving assessment, your green photograph card will be shipped off and supplanted with a pink full driving permit photograph card.

Rules for temporary drivers

​Temporary drivers should have somebody administering them while they are driving. The individual should sit in the front seat and be fit to drive the vehicle. They ought to be matured more than 21 and have held a full driving permit for finally three years. Students should show an ‘L’ plate on the front and back of their vehicles and they are illegal from driving on a motorway.

The hypothesis test

​Before you can step through your functional examination you should finish the driving hypothesis assessment. When you are prepared to take your hypothesis test you can apply on the web. You will require your temporary driving permit number, an email address to get your booking affirmation and your charge or Visa. It costs £23 to book a vehicle hypothesis test .



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